Teal Appeal, or, Vogue 1257


The dress is done! What do you think?

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I like it. It still needs pressing. I was just so excited to get pictures taken while the sun was out. (Then we took some indoors too. Hence, the change in shoes and hose.)


The hem was a nightmare. I used my sewing machine with twin needles. Everything that could go wrong did. Bobbin thread ran out, threaded one of the needles incorrectly. I’m not thrilled with the hem but I’m living with it for now. The sleeves are still very tight. (Hubby thinks they look like sleeve tattoos.) But I’m going to see how they are with a full wearing.

All in all I love the fabric, colour and print, and, I like the neckline and gathered knot in the front. I won’t make this again, I don’t think, because it really is a lot of work for a so-so style. Personally I think the fabric makes the dress. If this was a dull fabric the whole dress would be a no-go…in my opinion.

I’d love to hear your opinion!

What I’m listening to: Blue and Gold Print by Mates of State


18 thoughts on “Teal Appeal, or, Vogue 1257

  1. Hey Vanda. The dress looks awesome!! I think you should wear it though with the sheer hose and lighter shoe…love the platinum blonde hair too!!!!

  2. I love the print. I think the dress looks fabulous. (and I don’t think the sleeves look to tight – honestly) Oh and I love the shoes too!

  3. This is a great dress and, if the sleeves do feel right after a bit of wear, you can style it with loads. Swank it up or down. Fabbo colour too, though you already said that! :o)

  4. This is looking great! I don’t really notice, looking, how tight the sleeves are—hopefully they’re not too uncomfortable. Isn’t it amazing how the right fabric can help us forgive so many minor issues?

    Seriously, looks awesome. I want one. šŸ™‚

    • I’m wearing the dress today. And the sleeves feel okay. The bodice wrap is gaping a little due to lack of stuffing. šŸ˜¦
      Other than that it’s like wearing a night gown. Super comfy!

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