You’re a strange animal…

I joined up for Pretty Grievances Safari Swap.  I was matched up with cinnaspice from Sew On and Sew On and Sew On.  I sent her 3m of a fabric that I would have loved to use so I hope she likes it.  I won’t say much else since I don’t know if she recieved it yet…

But I did get the package from her!


 First up, a lovely floral with subtle leopard spots throughout.  Definitely a fabric that takes you on vacation as you look at it!  A gorgeous fabric that I immediately could see my mom wearing.  Maybe it is about time I sewed something for my mom.  Or a midi or maxi skirt for myself…


Next up, a bright fairly sheer bunch of goodness with giraffe (?) spots.  I love everything about this.  It isn’t blatently animal print.  The colours: purple, spring green and turquoise are right from my closet.  I wonder how cinnaspice snuck that peek…  Of course, black is in there too so it goes with everything.  I immediately thought kaftan but maybe I need to get out of my comfort zone with sheers.


 Also a lovely plum that has a bit of stretch.  It feels like a wool blend to me.  Even if it isn’t, this is a gorgeous fabric that has to be a pencil skirt…I think.


She also included some patterns!  Once you get past the Melanie Griffiths 80s illustrations there are some great basics in there: a loose-fitting blouse and shirt dress.  And the madarin collar blouse is adorable.  Not sure why the cover model is so sad.  “Sweetie, you have a cute blouse on.  It’s going to be okay.”

Thanks, cinnaspice!  I hope you enjoy your package though it doesn’t have as many little goodies as this one.


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