Me Made May ’13: Days 13-19

I am endeavouring to wear at least one hand-made item every day for the month of May.

Day 13: Teal Appeal Dress (Sorry, no photo. Here is an old one with old hair.)


Day 14: Red Polka Dot Alma Blouse (yes, that is a toilet…this I took in the bathroom at work)


Day 15: Steinaway Dress (It matches my new bistro set for our balcony!)


This was following a day of work and sushi dinner with Stein. I look tired because I am.

Day 16: Red Lace Pendrell Blouse (I usually wear skirts or dresses. This day I wore trousers.)


This is the me-made item that gets the most compliments or, at least, comments.

Day 17: Digital Dot Pendrell Blouse & Plum Skirt (I went to Anne of Green Gables with my friend Currie Spice.)


Day 18: Brown and Gold Elastic Waist Skirt (Didn’t take a photo. The sweater is from the Gap, not me-made but I didn’t want you to think I went topless.)


Day 19: Digital Dot Pendrell Blouse (again) and RTW navy skirt (Sorry, I missed another day of photos. And hubby didn’t put his socks away…)


We have been ridiculously busy. We are volunteering on a construction project. Stein putting in WAY more time than me but after spending a full afternoon on Saturday pulling nails from boards and cleaning port-o-potties they asked if I could sew some headscarves for the kitchen workers. I guess hairnets are expensive (when they aren’t used multiple times) and headscarves can be washed and reworn many times.


I found some instructions on and did up a test. Can you believe I did a muslin on a headscarf even though I RARELY do them for other items ?!? This will be a wearable muslin which is good. They asked for 12 to start. I’ll get a photo of me in it after I’ve finished stitching it up.

What did you do on your weekend? Aren’t photos the most challenging thing about Me-Made-May?

What I’m listening to: E-Bow the Letter by R.E.M.


7 thoughts on “Me Made May ’13: Days 13-19

  1. Wow, you’ve made a tonne of stuff! it all looks great, good for you! Also wanted to let u know that I won a pattern pyramid recently and just posted it on my blog, if you wanted to have a look and enter.

      • You’ve sewn a lot, well done! I am a very slow stitcher. I have many projects in the queue right now, complete with patterns, fabric and notions, ready to go! And, now I have a few MORE patterns from this Pattern Pyramid I just won. Sheeeze….. Lol.

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