How to Iron a Shirt

I used to iron my dad’s shirts when I was a kid.  I wasn’t Cinderella or anything.  In fact, my mom did everything for us.  Very spoiled.  But I do remember ironing countless dress shirts.  My dad taught school and this was back in the day when teachers had to look respectable.  I figure I can knock out a dress shirt in under 5 minutes.

(For the record, I know teachers still look respectable, I just think expectations have changed quite a bit since the ’80s.)

I was perusing some sewing blogs and came across this post at  A Fashionable Stitch.  She included a video on how to iron a mens shirt.

How to Iron a Shirt

I could watch this guy iron all day.  And listen to him talk.  Is it just me?

Where was I?  I think it’s a great video on a basic skill.  I know that I ironed differently from this.  I will take his advice with not creasing the collar and starting on the sleeves.  I already knew about doing up the top button. 

Now my husband irons his own shirts, because he is awesome, but maybe I will try this out and time myself.  See if I still have it.

What I’m listening to: Such Great Heights by Iron & Wine


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