Finished: A Little Birdie Told Me

A little birdie told me that I made a top! The silk was purchased last year from Downtown Fabrics in Toronto.

I wanted a simple top that didn’t have a bunch of darts/seams. Let the fabric stand out at its own party.

Enter McCall’s 6755! You can see that it couldn’t be more simple. I’m sure no one bought this pattern for the top, including me, but when I went through my top patterns it was the obvious choice.

The fabric is sheer so I chose to underline with a blue cotton blend. I have used this fabric to underline a couple of times. Glad I bought so much of it when I spotted it in Palm Springs YEARS ago.

Also, why is it when you have a million buttons in your collection it is so hard to find buttons for projects?! I needed 3 but could only find ones I liked in 2’s. Finally came across these. Faux leather. Great colour. I think they were spare from something I bought but I can’t think of what garment they belong to…

The buttons are on the back at the top but I don’t need to undo them to get the top over my head so they are mostly decorative. And with my super-short hair they will actually be seen!

That’s it! What have you been working on? Have you been summer sewing? I haven’t been but have SO enjoyed getting back behind the needle!

‘Til next time! Put a bird on it!



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