More Fabric from afar!

I didn’t add to my fabric stash in San Francisco but it is still growing!  My friend, Magnolia, has been living in Honduras and I sent her a little package while she was there.  As a thank you she brought me some fabric from Guatemala via Honduras.


Isn’t it lovely?  It has to be a skirt.  Something straight and simple, I think. 

I love fabrics from around the world!  Just think, I will have an outfit from Vietnam and one from Central America without even going there!

Have you bought or received fabric from afar?  What did you make?


6 thoughts on “More Fabric from afar!

  1. 1) that fabric is beautiful
    2) I’m always thinking about you and your creativity and missing you
    3) I am finally really sewing again but I need a good quilting store in Vancouver! Do you know anyone who may know of one?


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