Vogue 1257 Skirt Front and Bodice, or, It’s All Coming Together

This weekend I spent a little quality time with my Vogue 1257 dress and had a great fellow blogger meet-up! More on that in another post.


Here is the completed bodice. Looks pretty good, I think, but the pattern reviews were right about the skinny sleeves. Yikes! Of course, I read the reviews AFTER I cut the pieces out. From fabric I bought on vacation, that I can never get again. Anyway, I can get them on but they are like Spanx for my upper arms.


The skirt front has pleats and slashes that allow the “knot” to slide on.


The instructions call for double fold bias tape to be added to the edges of the slashes. This adds stability and strength to the edges. I read that other sewists added interfacing instead. Not as bulky. Who needs extra bulk at the waist?!


Here is the faux knot sliding over the pleats. A little tricky but I like the look.


And the bodice where it meets the skirt front. I think the pleats will be flattering. This dress looks nice on others that have sewn it. Here and here. Both complained about the sleeves and had to adjust the pattern. The sleeves extend from the front bodice piece and attach to the back bodice.  The woman behind Wonderfully Made just cut the sleeve off and cut a regular set-in sleeve. I might end up doing this if I have enough fabric left for sleeves.  I certainly don’t to recut the front bodice and sleeves.

Hey! I got a new haircut!



Shorter and cuter, I think. If my scalp looks pink it’s because I suffered a major chemical burn on my last colour. Now I’m scheduled for an allergy test before my next colour treatment. What’s a girl who wants to be blond to do…?

What I’m listening to: Arms Aloft by Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros


9 thoughts on “Vogue 1257 Skirt Front and Bodice, or, It’s All Coming Together

  1. I so can’t wait to see this finished!

    The hair is totally cute—I sympathize on the pain of the bottle blond. It required some ridiculously nasty lengths to get me anywhere near platinum.

  2. That dress is going to be smashing. At least it has good stretch and recovery for the snug arms.

    And I love the hair cut. It’s quite flattering and looks super fun. I am long overdue for a cut myself.

    • Thanks!
      The sleeves are doable but why sew if I still have to live with ill-fit? I will likely recut the sleeves.
      I’m loving the hair but hubby hates it. He had the same haircut for 3 decades so I’m not trusting his style. 🙂

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