MMM: Week One (Craving Comfort)

Here are some of the self-stitched items that I wore last week.  I was really craving comfortable items and that’s what I pulled from the closet.

I wore my new elastic-waist skirt with a purchased cardigan (DKNY cozy).


I wore my Digital Dot Pendrell with pinstriped trousers (DKNY again) and a wide black belt.  I didn’t get a photo while I was wearing it but here it is on the floor.  🙂


For casual Thursday (which I get every 2 weeks) I wore my geometric print knit top and jeans (DKNY once more).


I love the twist detail on this top.  A little difficult to see because of the print.

This weekend we experienced weather from every season.  Rain, blinding sun, snow…yah, I said snow!  But Sunday was beautiful again.  Saturday I wore tights and a sweater but on Sunday I was able to wear my Teal Appeal Dress and Lady Grey with no tights.  (Someone needs a haircut.)

I didn’t get any sewing in since Stein and I have been very busy with top secret stuff.  I can’t say anything yet but it’s really exciting for us!

What I’m listening to: Sure Shot by Beastie Boys


3 thoughts on “MMM: Week One (Craving Comfort)

  1. Nice gams 🙂 So far so good for May, but it looks like but you better get sewing some more goodies to complete your wardrobe. Right now I’m digging an a-line skirt made with striped material, where the stripes form a v in the front and back (inspired by Farrah)…may have to try make one.

    • Thanks! Don’t look very sun-kissed, do they?
      I may devote the entire long weekend to sewing. Thinking about hibernating and only coming out for necessity.
      Your skirt? The chevron effect created by cutting on the bias. Sounds great!
      Be careful what you watch on Netflix, it can influence your style choices.

  2. If I start wearing dresses with matching turbans, I may need an intervention. But yes, chevron effect skirt. Legs are a good shade, they’re not pasty.

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