Vogue 1257 Bodice and Sleeves, or, Moving Slowly

First a little follow-up on the pansy trench coat I saw on a girl while walking home. Remember?



It’s from Anthropologie but no longer available. Nevertheless, great inspiration for a unique coat.

Also, the sewing article on lacing was in Sew Stylish which I picked up a couple of days ago.


Okay, the lacing on the dress on the cover is a little crazy but I’m looking forward to reading the article. Maybe I’ll start adding lacing to everything. A corset Pendrell, perhaps?

Now here’s what I’ve been sewing. #9


And here are the shapes of my pieces. #1 & #2, cut on the fold.


Do you follow? It was tricky but I just followed instructions instead of trying to figure out how it worked. And here is what I ended up with.


Not too bad. The thread you see is the reinforcing stitches. I think I can hide them with a little trickery. I’ll take a better photo when the bodice is complete.

On my iPad in the background is Imitation of Life starring Lana Turner. My friend, Stephanie (Berry Island on Etsy) suggested I watch it on Netflix and check out Lana Turner’s dresses. I only made it 30 minutes into the movie so far but I’m looking to get inspired!

What I’m listening to: Imitation of Life by R.E.M. (Has one of my fave lyrics ever ~ You want the greatest thing, the greatest thing since bread came sliced.~)

7 thoughts on “Vogue 1257 Bodice and Sleeves, or, Moving Slowly

    • Great coat. Even a standard, solid coloured trench would be more interesting with lacing.
      The new Threads looks good too. I’ll probably pick it up this weekend.

    • I think the coat on the model is more cinched at the waist. You know, because she’s a model. Reminds me of the Lady Grey full bottom.

      I like to understand things completely before I sew them but sometimes it’s best to just jump in. A reason I can’t ever see drafting my own patterns.

  1. I love tthat coat, but then again I love everything from Anthropologie. The lacing is a nice touch, probably wouldn’t be hard to do, just take a lot of patience. Love that movie, cried :(. There is a pink pantsuit later on in the film that’s especially interesting…waiting for that to come in style.

    • I liked Imitation of Life. Is the pink pantsuit a one-piece jumpsuit? I couldn’t tell. Obviously the white dress with the blue strap/sash thingy was amazing. Could be recreated in real-life…
      BTW jumpsuits are in style so get one on!

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