Never Had This Happen Before

Before I get to the never happened before event, let me update you on what I have been up to.

1) Work-I’m not really working much longer hours but work has been more demanding mentally so I have not felt like blogging in my free time.  Sewing is not happening either.

2) The sewing project that is sitting on my desk (okay, it is really on the sofa in my sewing room) is just not inspiring to me anymore.  It is an Alma blouse in navy.  I need this in my wardrobe but when I think about picking it up I am just not motivated.

3) My parent’s celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary!  Isn’t that amazing?!  My brothers, sisters-in-law and hubby and I recreated their first meal as a married couple.  They ate dinner on the way out of town to their honeymoon at a local burger joint.  We don’t live in Sudbury, ON anymore so I had to call the restaurant and ask if they could send me merch with their logo.  They went all out!  T-shirts, french fry sleeves, and a photo of their restaurant sign with Happy Anniversary to my folks written on it!  So generous.  Thank you, Deluxe Hamburgers!

4) I just booked a week off in November.  We aren’t going anywhere.  I am taking a sewcation!  I am sew excited!  (Sewing puns never have to be apologized for.)

5) I have been sick which has helped necessitate the break.  Migraines, general lethargy, SAD.  *shrug* What can I say?  It’s autumn…not my best season.

Except the clothes.  I love fall clothes.  Which brings me to my never experienced moment.

You remember I bought this pattern?



I was drawn to the unique style on the trousers.  My plan was to use ponte knit for the main pieces and pleater/leather for the side calf pieces.  At least for one option.

Look what I found one night when innocently window shopping in DKNY in the outlet mall.


I really lightened up the photo so you could see the detail of the pleater.

Check out a better photo here.

The exact leggings, almost, that I had envisioned.  So I bought them.  The price was so reasonable that I knew I couldn’t make them for that price.  And they fit well, if not a little short, so I have been working on letting down the hem.

What do you think?  Have I missed out on the experience of sewing them?  I have many other things that I want to sew.  Have I cheated?  I felt guilty for about 3 seconds then I shrugged and said, “Now I can make the Vietnamese silk top that I have been dying to start on.”  Chime in.  Do you buy RTW when you find it, even when you can make it yourself?


21 thoughts on “Never Had This Happen Before

  1. Does this count? I was driving, on a long road trip to visit relatives, and I spilt coffe on myself (not hot). So I stopped in at a Superstore and bought myself a complete outfit and wore it right away! (Oh ya, I bought chocolate too!) Sometimes you just have to spend the money and move on to better things! Looking forward to seeing the silk top!

  2. If something is absolutely perfect and fills a hole in my wardrobe yes I do buy it! Not only that if I don’t I regret it…(I’m talking about the perfect Burberry trench in an international airpot…) You can use the pants to check the fit of the pattern and make it anyway.

  3. When it is the exact thing you are looking for and at a great price it is totally okay. In fact, it frees you up to make the silk top and I love the idea of it being a RTW muslin. Now you have time to examine the pants and decide how you will sew your next pair. Good time saving I say.

  4. Another way to look at it – these are the best RTW purchases because with sewing we really have to think about the fabric, the details and how much we REALLY want that garment before we start a project. I was thinking of sewing a kimono and then I saw one at Forever 21 when I was with my teenage daughter. I loved the fabric and the fit was good. The structure of the kimono was simple and clever. I could make a pattern from it too! Did I feel guilty? Yes. But I knew it was exactly what I wanted.

    • Could be cheaper than a pattern depending on the price! The reason we sew is to make the clothes we want. If we find those clothes RTW why not buy them. We can keep sewing the fun stuff!

  5. I always buy RTW if it meets two criteria: the cost is waaaay below my cost of making it (or fabric, never mind time), and it’s a perfect fit, or requires a bare minimum of alterations. I think you did good grabbing those leggings!

    • I always factor in time because I have such a small amount of sewing hours. And these were good quality. The cost of fabric in Canada would be high. Glad I followed my gut!

  6. Sounds completely reasonable to me! Cheaper than you could make it for and the design you were picturing. Serendipitous if you ask me, particularly as time is at a premium at the moment!

  7. Ugh I’m really sorry to hear you’ve been having a tough autumn so far! I often feel the same way when it’s hot out, so I can sympathize. Very good call grabbing those leggings; now you can enjoy them and feel good wearing them whereas if you had resolved to make them you may not have gotten them done in time to enjoy them this season (ask me how I know LOL). I don’t think there’s ever a need to feel bad; personally I always buy things like t-shirts and workout gear, because it’s way cheaper than making and I can actually get them to fit RTW because of the stretch factor. Since I sew primarily for a custom fit, it seems a waste to take my time up making things I could otherwise buy 🙂

  8. Can’t comment on the sewing, besides the fact that I’m curious what you’ll do with the Vietnamese fabric I got you. But I’ve also been hella-sick, and still am. I hope I didn’t give it to you on Friday.

  9. Ever since there was some serious designer type lady on Project Runway who made pants like that I have loved them! Good for you for finding some. I wouldn’t not feel guilty one bit for not sewing them…maybe you can later in another colour! What a sweet theme for your parents, congratulations ! 🙂 I was just telling my husband Spring is my favorite season, but Fall my favorite for fashion.

  10. That’s crazy how close the RTW is to your planned project. I’d be snapping them up too if they fit well. Just because you can sew everything doesn’t mean you have to.
    I hope all the migraines etc clears up, don’t forget to take care of yourself.

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