Feast Your Eyes – Coco Rocha

Coco Rocha is a Canadian-born model. She has spoken out about models being scouted too young and encouraged to be too thin. I think she’s sincere. Obviously she’s gained a lot from the fashion world but I appreciate that she wants to make things better.

She recently modeled for The Room at Hudson Bay Co.  She is the epitome of “the woman wears the dress; the dress doesn’t wear the woman”.  Enjoy!





What I’m listening to: Empty Room by Arcade Fire


9 thoughts on “Feast Your Eyes – Coco Rocha

  1. I didn’t watch the video, yet, but it is refreshing to see a model looking something other than pouting or angry. I love her hair colour. The movement of the dresses (not the blue one naturally) is really lovely. It makes me want to touch the fabric to feel the weight and texture.

    • I have a feeling The Room is a Toronto/Vancouver thing. Not sure if we even have it here.
      I shop so little…
      But add a little horsehair braid to the hem of a circle skirt and you’ve got the pink one!

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