Vogue 1257 Bodice Front, or, Could you make it more complicated?

I finally started stitching my Vogue 1257. The bodice front has pleats at the bottom. These will create nice gathers in the bodice. Better than a flat-fitted bodice on me. It is a mock wrap front so it is a deep V-neck. Should be flattering.


See the pleats at the bottom? It is also self-faced which means the long edges of the bodice, which cross, are made with extensions. These are folded over to create a smooth edge. Facing is usually a separate pattern piece which is then sewed to the main pattern piece. When it’s folded over and pressed, it creates the edge. Self-facing creates less bulk and a smoother line.


Here is the sleeve. Vogue 1257 has the sleeve attached to the bodice front. Somehow is gets sewn into a sleeve and then set into the bodice back. Not sure how that happens yet. I’m not sure of the benefit of this but looking forward to trying something different. The sleeves will likely be short on me but I plan on cutting them down to 3/4 length anyway.


Honestly, isn’t my fabric 100 times nicer than the pattern photo fabric? Hoping the V neck isn’t too deep.

I saw this girl while walking home. (Yes, it is snowing like crazy.) I noticed two things. The pansy fabric and the lacing. I love the way the lacing keeps the coat from looking too little girly. Doesn’t Threads magazine have an article on lacing in their latest issue?


Nice, right?

What I’m listening to: Friends of Friends by Hospitality

7 thoughts on “Vogue 1257 Bodice Front, or, Could you make it more complicated?

  1. Your choice in fabric is so much nicer. I suppose doing solids on pattern envelopes shows off the pattern better than a print would, but I like your print far more.

    And what a neat coat. It stands out in the sea of black coats out there.

    • A solid fabric does show the pattern better but it is a little drab.
      Love the coat too! I found it and will have an update next post!
      Thanks, as always, for reading.

    • I do have an update on the coat. Next post.
      I hope this dress turns out since I love the fabric so much. Read some reviews on the pattern which have made me a little nervous though.
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. This is looking nice! I love your fabric, too. šŸ™‚

    … there is a back-laced coat somewhere in my future, I know it. šŸ˜€ AND, it can stop snowing any time…

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