Finished: Lauren Vietnamese Silk Dress (New Look 6910)

 UPDATE: I wore the dress!



Apologies for the lack of photos of me WEARING the dress but I wasn’t in the correct stage of hair and makeup!  Finished the handstitching of the lining while I was watching the Oscars.


Here it is!  The Lauren dress!  Named for my lovely sis-in-law who brought the fabric back from Vietnam.  I can’t wait to wear it!  It is the same pattern that I used for the Dancing with Myself dress.  I originally planned to make a top and skirt that I could wear together or as separates.  I decided on a dress since I have been wearing my me-made dresses so consistently lately.  Dresses work for me!


Here is the back.  It looks a little haphazard but I love the peacock on the lower left panel.  I concentrated on having a solid diagonal of the navy on the front so carefully and the back just to be what is was going to be.

I am still debating making a belt.  The pattern calls for you to sew the belt in with the zipper but I couldn’t imagine all those layers of fabric at the zipper LAST TIME…I wasn’t going to try it with this slippery, kind of tricky, silk.  I may stitch up the belt to wear over the waist seam.  It is a nice finishing touch.

I have plans to wear this dress in early March so I will take some on-body photos then.  It does look better on me than the hanger.  Which is a pretty good thing, non?


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