Finished: Colette Myrtle, or, Reykjavik Dress


Here’s what I did over the April long weekend!  Stitched up a dress on my serger!  Photos taken right before work, pre-lipgloss (!).

I love Colette patterns. The instructions come in a little book with really good illustrations. They are really a pleasure to sew with.


If I seem a little bleary-eyed it’s because I am.  I go on vacation next month and I am dying for a break from work.  I LOVE my job and the folks I work with but everyone needs to get away.  I haven’t had serious time off since December and it does wear you down.

I am naming this the Reykjavik dress as I made it as a travel dress.  The fabric is a cotton/poly jersey that will be able to be balled up in a suitcase and come out looking great!  Also, the colours (though quite autumnal) will work year round.  In summer I can wear this with white sandals and a thin white cardi.

The first trip this dress will go on is to Iceland!  We leave in mid-May for 2 weeks!  I can’t even…  Follow me on Instagram @funnygrrl to see pics from my trip.  This might be the only me-made item as I plan to pack a lot of long sleeve tees and leggings and I just don’t sew with knits very often.  This dress is an exception…and a great one.  It is so comfortable and it was so quick using my serger for almost everything.  But hemming just sucks!  I can never get a hem that I am happy with in a knit.  Obviously I need to do some research and update my technique…or get a technique since I clearly don’t have one.

Anyway, finally posted again and it is another Finished Item.  Not too bad.  I have been busy making movies.  We purchased a Sony Action Cam (those little Go-Pro type video cameras) and I’ve been testing it out and making fun little movies.  Maybe I’ll share them on here one day but I am still too nervous…  I do plan a video post on here.  I even shot one but I hated how hoarse my voice sounded.  Like, drink some water, girl!

That’s what I have been up to!  What about you? Any summer sewing?  I haven’t even though about it as I am looking forward to the land of fire and ice!  Maybe when I get back.




9 thoughts on “Finished: Colette Myrtle, or, Reykjavik Dress

  1. I haven’t made the Myrtle yet, but I do like the Laurel (TNT). I have cut out Linen. You know, Toronto gets so hot! Enjoy your vacation. I’m looking forward to a video post. 🙂

  2. Such a cute dress – and lovely colours that you can match up with neutal colours, or throw in some brights! I’ve been sewing up some Tina Givens patterns – imagine ‘Out of Africa’ meets the 1920’s. Probably not so good for Iceland, but perfect when sipping a gin on the deck or by the sea!

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