Starting a Project

I have so many grand plans but when I have time to sew I pick the quick projects that will give me satisfaction sooner. So I whip up a dress I’ve sewn before or a quick top.

The truth is that the large projects, that test you and teach you, bring greater satisfaction…and bragging rights!

I bought this fabric in the Los Angeles fabric district in June 2014. Hubby spotted it on a high shelf. Got 2.5 yards for $7!

Right away I knew it would make a unique Chanel-style tweed jacket. I looked for patterns and found this one. I didn’t want a classic lapel, I like the standup neckline on this one. I also wanted couture touches so this is quilted (fabric to lining) and has instructions for a chain-weighted hem.

I’m getting nervous just thinking about it!

My goal is to complete it by October 8th. I think that is realistic though I am sticking to a regular workout schedule AND learning a language. Cutting cable (in Canada that means anything over and above Hockey Night in Canada) has made a big difference in the time I have available. We still watch too much tv. Netflix  and Shomi. But I have definitely carved out more time for things like learning ASL and taking care of my health.

Any big sewing plans? Do you like the green tweed or would you make it with something more classic?

Ta ta!



4 thoughts on “Starting a Project

  1. Ooooo…. that fabric is the exact colour in a tweed that I have been keeping my eye out for! This will be supremely GORGEOUS. I have no big sewing plans. None. Some alterations for a friend, capris for my daughter… Oh! My DD2 has been waiting since January for her red denim motorcycle jacket. That’s the next big project. ๐Ÿ˜€

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