Monday Monday


My nephew is excited for Monday!  What about you?

I had such a great weekend.  Spent time with friends (over meals so that is the best, am I right?), spent time with family including the sweetie above, and did some sewing.  The weather was exceptional and I was outside a bit.  No pneumonia!?!  What else could I ask for?


I visited Fabricland after being out of the sewing-thing for 3 months due to illness.  I am taking part in Pretty Grievances’ Jungle Swap.  She is determined to keep animal print alive!  So while I wait for my package and I shopped for my swap partner, I saw this fabric on sale at Fabricland.  You know how I love a geometric print.  And when you combine neutrals like black, tan, and grey, you get me everytime.  It is a stretchy knit so I am going to try it with the Colette Myrtle pattern.  It might move up on the sewing junket because I can already see it becoming a staple.  Dress, check; knit, check; print, check; neutral colours, check.  It just ticks all the boxes!

Meanwhile I continue to work on my Vietnamese silk dress.  The bodice is together and lined but I am not sharing any more photos because I think it’s going to be a stunner.  It will need its moment in the spotlight.  That should be early February.  Someone invite me out for dinner!  This dress will need to get out!


Here is a shot of my sewing space.  My Cath Kidston chair pincushion fits right on my sewing machine bed.  I realized how cute it looked this weekend; just sitting there, waiting for pins.  Also, I lost the 2nd page of my instructions for New Look 6910 (which is the Vietnamese Dress pattern).  Can anyone help by taking a couple of photos?  I can likely finish without them but I like my instructions to confirm that I am doing the right thing. 

Hope your weekend was good and your Monday brings a wonderful week!


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