A Reintroduction to Funnygrrl

Hi all! I have been away for so long and I have really missed writing and sewing and reading comments. I caught a flu which turned into a lung infection eventually becoming pneumonia. I know! It started November 1 and I am just now feeling (almost) normal. I wish this on no one. Keep your immune system strong and don’t run yourself down!

I thought, since I have not been well enough to sew, I would reintroduce myself to those who started reading my blog recently. You can skip this post if 1) you don’t care or 2) you already know me. I just miss writing and wanted to let you know I was alive.


Funnygrrl in Palm Springs in the Indio dress

My online name is Funnygrrl (completely stolen from the Barbra Streisand film). I only use this name on my blog and online because my actual name is VERY unique and I like being able to fill my creative needs online without worrying about employers, coworkers keeping up with me online. Also my husband HATES any online presence so he would only let me post photos of him if he knew his name wasn’t attached. I call him Stein on here. Partly because he is a beer snob and partly because it relates to an old nickname.

We went to high school together in northern Ontario, Canada in the late 80’s and started dating at 19 and 20 years old in the early 90’s. Married in 1995 so our 20th wedding anniversary is coming up next year!  We have lived in Western Canada since 1998. He has completely supported my sewing including doing online research when I bought new machines and wandering through fabric stores while on vacation. What a girl calls “a keeper”!


My husband, Stein, in the only thing I have made for him successfully, his Manly Man Apron!

I have worked a lot of different jobs. Retail, photographer, photographic developer and printer, school bus driver, florist, payroll administrator, volunteer TV show host. Now I am a technical assistant with an Environment team for a super huge international company. I love it…but it doesn’t fulfill my creative side.

That is why I started sewing and blogging. There is no feeling like choosing a sewing pattern, matching it with fabric, turning that 2 dimensional fabric into a garment you can wear (!) and then sharing it with like-minded people online.

I bought my first sewing machine in the spring of 2010. I was 37 years old! I started blogging in August of the same year. I had mended things, sewn on buttons, and took home ec in junior high school but hadn’t sewn REALLY. My mom sewed but she didn’t teach me or make us outfits or anything. It was mostly for mending. I learned to sew by reading pattern instructions and books, from sewing blogs like Green Apples and Sewaholic, and from YouTube. I couldn’t have done it without the online resources.

I describe my style as ecclectic classic.  I love pinstriped skirts and suits but I also love bright prints and asymmetry.  I accessorize every day, after a sort of resolution, starting in January 2010.  The one resolution I have kept!  My wardrobe is about a 50/50 split of home-sewn and RTW (ready-to-wear).  I love to sew tops, skirts, and dresses for events but I buy cardigans and trousers.  I love band t-shirts and silk dresses…though not usually together…


Travel is our favourite thing to do together as a couple.  We have been to Italy, London, Hawaii, Texas, Chicago, and California.  On our wish list is Iceland, Croatia/Montenegro, Indonesia, and New York.  Plus my husband loves to shop so outlet malls are always on our destination maps.  (He loves to shop AND cook…how did I score that?!)


Fabric shopping in Walthamstow Market in London

 My goals for sewing is just to do it more.  I have a few fabulous projects planned, I just need the health and time to get at them.  I have 2 weeks off in December so I plan to get some things started.

Thank you to all my readers.  It feels weird to say readers but I have made friends from this blog and I know there are some readers who never comment (that is totally okay!) but I really appreciate being able to fulfill my creative needs with this blog.

Now a couple quick shout-outs!  1) Congrats to Seraphinalina on her new home!  (Email me your new address, I have something for you.)  2) Hello to Magnolia in Honduras!  Please text me soon.  I loved our late night texting while I had the flu.  3) Hi to my parents.  My most faithful readers.  Who can’t even let me win Words With Friends when I am dying from pneumonia…  🙂

Smooch, Funnygrrl


17 thoughts on “A Reintroduction to Funnygrrl

  1. Your parents sound wonderful! My mom would never let me win either! She said she didn’t want to give me a false sense of security. Ha..! It’s so nice to see you’re back on your feet again. I hope you stay healthy and keep posting. I’m one of those readers who rarely comments but read blogs every day! I love to see what others are sewing. I also love to see other women who aren’t a size 4 wearing things they’ve made.

    • It is nice to see clothes on women who are closer to your size. I like to get inspiration from everywhere but the best thing about sewing bloggers is that they come in many sizes!

  2. Hope you feel 100% again soon! My hubby and I just celebrated our 20th anniversary this year while we were away on a wonderful camping trip. I can totally relate to what it’s like to have a hubby who loves to cook and is great at it. … my hips really show it LOL Mine quite enjoys shopping too which makes shopping trips even more fun 🙂

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