Me Made May ’13: Days 20-26

I am endeavouring to wear at least one item made by me every day in May.

Day 20: Floral Knit Maxi (day at home so no full body pic)

Day 21: Red Print Elastic Waist Skirt (Outside my front door.  Don’t you love my blue door?)

Day 22: Rust Floral Dress (This is the wall in my dining area.  Stein and I spent 6 hours applying this wallpaper when we first moved in.)



A treat for me from Portobello Market in London. Scissors necklace!  You could win a sewing machine necklace as part of my London Giveaway.  Enter the draw here!

Day 23: Print Knit Top (In the elevator at work.)

Day 24: Poodle Pendrell Blouse & Minoru Rain Jacket (Two me-mades! It has been raining for days… The only good thing about the rain is that I get to wear my rain jacket. Also, I decided to wear the poodle blouse on Casual Friday.)


Measuring tape bracelet from the Fashion Museum in Bath, UK. I wore it with the poodle blouse and jeans. I got a ton of comments on this bracelet at work.

Day 25: Green & Brown Elastic Waist Skirt (terrible blurry photo)


Day 26: Red Floral Tunic (I wore it with jeggings at our Arrested Development viewing party brunch on Sunday morning.)



Later I added a black shrug and black pinstriped skirt. Gorgeous day! Look at that blue sky!

How is Me Made May going for you?

What I’m listening to: The National’s new album Trouble Will Find Me…so good


4 thoughts on “Me Made May ’13: Days 20-26

  1. I really like that tunic. I would find that so versatile this time of year.
    I’m not surprised that bracelet garnered comments, it’s certainly a statement piece (in a good way!).

    • The photos are the hardest. By the end of the day I just don’t feel like it! And the morning is too rushed.
      Wearing an item a day has been fairly easy. I may have to make a more difficult pledge next time.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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