Previous Project: Rust Floral Dress

Rust Floral Dress and Cape

I was so honoured to be asked by my baby brother and his future wife to help with the coordination of their wedding ceremony. Basically I was the Ceremony Boss. Since the attire was Garden Party I decided to sew my own dress. It was only my 5th project and my first fitted dress. After deciding not to make a dress out of satin as I originally planned I chose Butterick 5490.

Butterick 5490

I really wanted a lavender print and I found this lovely floral cotton voile. With help from a friendly staffer at Fabricland I also decided to do the midriff in rust. It is in the same cotton voile. After reading the Green Apples review of this pattern I took her suggestion and used fusible interfacing on the midriff lining. This really helped to stabilize the midriff.

My fabrics

The pattern called for only the bodice and midriff to be lined but that seemed silly as I would have to wear a slip anyway. I used the skirt back pattern piece and cut out a full skirt lining. I attached this to the bodice and midriff lining and had a fully lined dress. It is basically like sewing two dresses.

After completing the dress I thought about making up something to cover my shoulders. I found a cotton eyelet in rust in the discount section that matched my midriff colour. When I had sewn the polkadot kimono-sleeve jacket a few months ago I tried it on as a cape before I sewed up the sides and thought it was cute. So I shorted the jacket pattern and eliminated the sides to make up a little cape. I also made the collar a little smaller and finished the edges with bias tape. A hook and eye closure completed the project.

I knew I had succeeded when I received a compliment on my dress and cape from the best dressed guy at the wedding (sorry Byron). JL asked if I made men’s wear after he found out I had sewn it. (Le blush.)

Every Ceremony Boss Needs A Cape

Rust Floral Dress


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11 thoughts on “Previous Project: Rust Floral Dress

  1. Its very beautiful indeed, saw it in person, and can comfirm. Love your blog and your header…its very “under the bus” esque.

    • Ha ha. Who doesn’t love an inside joke on a public forum? Everyone, check out Stephanie’s store “Berry Island” on
      The link is on the right…

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