Plethora of Patterns

Well, the McCalls/Butterick/Vogue pattern sale a couple of weeks ago got to me.  I bought 7 patterns!  What suprised me is that I chose mostly McCalls patterns.  I’m really a Butterick girl, as far as the Big 4 pattern companies go.

Here’s what I got.


M6742 – The shirtdress.  I’ve never sewn a shirtdress.  Too many buttonholes and it always seems very casual to me.  I like my dresses fancy!  But this won me over since the buttons are only on the bodice, far fewer buttonholes, and the mullet hem.  If loving the mullet hem is wrong, I don’t want to be right!

M6755- Top and Skirt.  What got me on this one was that they are separates.  It looks like a dress but it’s a top and skirt.  It has a cool design in the skirt and calls for woven fabric, not knits, so it could be fairly dressy with the right fabric.

M6760 – Dress, whatever…BUT JUMPSUIT!!!  The blue item on the cover is the jumpsuit.  Oh my!  I can’t tell you how much I love this look.  I am so excited to stitch up a dressy jumpsuit.  Now I need an excuse to wear it.  Hubby hates this look so I can’t count on him taking me out.


M6696 – Shirtdress.  Okay, so this is a classic shirtdress.  I think what appealed to me is the lace dress with underdress and the choice of straight or full skirt.  Lots of buttonholes here…unless I do snaps…hmmmm.

M6697 – Knit Dress.  I love wearing my knit items.  I don’t enjoy sewing them as much as woven stuff.  This pattern is to encourage me to sew more knits.  I also love the sleeve options and the design.  And knit dresses are so great for summer.  Maybe not this summer…


V8875 – Vintage Dress and Coat.  It’s the coat.  The dress is lovely too but the coat.  I want to be the woman who wears this.  This may be more fantasy sewing than actual sewing.

B5874 – Practical Shirt.  On my new leggings adventure I need more long tops.  I like the collar and drawstring waist.  Nice and casual.  This would carry on into fall.  I recently completed my first See&Sew pattern and I liked it.  This isn’t at the top of the list but will be a good basic.

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway!  This package is kinda cute.  I think you’d like it.

What are you planning to stitch up?

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13 thoughts on “Plethora of Patterns

  1. Oooh, some good stuff! I’m not a fan of mullet anything, but actually really like that dress. And that Vogue dress and coat!!!! Oh my, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Ping or email me when you make that baby up, I’d love to see it!!

    • Vicki Kate calls it a hi-lo hem which is much nicer sounding.
      Is mullet a term used around the globe? I’m not sure if it’s a Canada/US thing…
      I made one other Vogue Vintage reissued pattern and it turned out great. I may move this one up on the list. The dress and coat would be a showstopper!

    • I honestly haven’t seen anything like it. It’s nice to be offered something different.
      I would likely do black or teal as the main colour and then have fun with the other pieces…
      I’m excited! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Good choices. I see how you ended up with so many. I’m with you on shirt dresses and button holes. I vote for funky snappers. I’m starting to love the jumpsuit. A nice swishy long line to the pants and show off your shoulders. I think there is something kind of sexy about it.

    • And the waistband bringing the waist in. I live this pattern too much!
      Snaps would be great to bring out a western vibe that my city subscribes too. I’m not a western dresser but one dress might be cute.

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