Previous Project: Floral Maxi Dress

Floral Knit Maxi Dress

I have wanted a maxi dress since they came into fashion. The problem is that most are unbelievable cleavage-bearing and only suitable for the beach. Also maxi on me needs to be pretty long and I wanted the hem to hit my ankle bone.

Beautiful, but I couldn't wear this in real life.

Hello, McCalls 6074. It has a full back and wide straps and calls for jersey knit so it is like wearing a nightgown. So comfy!

Technical drawings-notice full back!

I found a beautiful purple and blue large floral print jersey knit in the clearance section in a fabric store in the US. I bought 4 yards so that I had enough from shoulder to ankle.

When laying out the pattern pieces on the fabric, I was so intent on making sure that I didn’t have flowers right on the “apex of the bust” (read: nipple) that I neglected to notice that the left and right skirt were mirror images. Anyway it’s a little too matchy-matchy for me but I don’t think anyone else has noticed.

The pattern calls for an encased elastic under the bust. This helps with shaping and creates nice gathering down the front of the dress.

I have worn this more than any other item that I have sewn. I wore it to my mini highschool reunion in Stratford, my cousin Danny’s camp and to a BBQ at a friend’s place. It’s perfect comfort but looks like I made an effort. And isn’t that really the goal?

What is your go-to item of clothing? Is it the look or the comfort that is more important?

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10 thoughts on “Previous Project: Floral Maxi Dress

  1. Love this maxi-dress! You’ve pulled off both comfort and style with this one.

    Can’t we have both comfortable and good-looking clothes? I like to be comfortable even in dressy clothes… but I will wear high heels as much as possible!

    • Thanks, Tasia! It means a lot to me coming from you. This is one of the fabrics I bought on a trip after I asked YOUR advice on how to shop for fabric when you don’t have a project in mind. You suggested visualizing what I would make with it and then BUY ENOUGH OF IT. Great advice since I had enough for this!

      Everyone, check out Tasia’s blog at She had seriously inspired me. Link is on the right.

  2. Oh awesome, I am so glad my advice was helpful!! That’s exactly what I do, visualize what it might turn into, and then be sure to buy enough! (Especially when buying in YARDS.. since I’m used to buying in metres.) I’m so glad you find my blog inspiring, that’s so fantastic!
    Your dress is so pretty! I hope the nice weather sticks around for you!

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