Stop the Invasion!

Things have been quiet on my blog as I just completed what could be the busiest work week of my life. I took a 2 day course on Excellence in Presenting to improve my public speaking. (More on this later as I managed to weave in my sewing!) I am taking Spanish twice a week over the lunch hour. And my team hiked into a wetlands and helped to remove invasive plants.


This was one of our team building events for the year. We like at least one to be a community improvement event. These plants are NOT native to this area. The birds eat the berries but they don’t contain enough fat so the poor migrating birds don’t have enough energy to make it where they are going. Isn’t that terrible?


This was serious plant removal. Spades, loppers and brute force. The goal was to get the whole root ball out. Did I mention it was raining?

As an admin, almost any event that I attend, I’ve planned and ordered the catering. So, as I’m in my public speaking course I’m ordering and receiving the catering and cleaning up after. For the community event I’m picking up snacks and G2 at Costco the night before and feeding everybody. Not complaining. Just saying, thank your admin, receptionist, office manager. Who ever makes the world go around in your workplace.

Me Made May ends today. Wrap-up post on Monday! I do have some lessons learned. Also, I have to share my experience from the course I took. I got to share my sewing! Stay tuned!

Do you have a stellar admin? Receptionist? Do you think folks are aware of all they do?

What I’m listening to: In The Countryside by Benjy Ferree

10 thoughts on “Stop the Invasion!

  1. My employer has a “Global Day of Action” where offices all over the world do something for the community. We’re too big to do just one project here but it makes it good for team building within the company. My group is going to be doing something for the CNIB in June, last year we mulched and water saplings in a nearby park that is being reforested. It felt really good.

    They have removed so many admin positions in the office, I’m honestly not sure who to ask for a new notebook. For team events (just us, not corporate as we have a social committee for that), our director is pretty good for allocating responsibilities so that everyone does a little bit and no one is doing it all. Like our Christmas party two years ago, I ran the game, 3 people shared food responsibilities, two others were responsible for beverages, 3 others for decorations…. then everyone plays a part in making the day work.

    • Many companies have cut back on admin positions. The drawback is that tech professionals and others end up planning events (or events don’t happen at all). It’s not bad but its not always something they enjoy/are good at doing. And admins do more than just plan things. My team passes on documents and PowerPoint slides for me to fix up and grammar check.
      Plus, admins come pretty cheap. Me spending 3 hours planning an event costs less than a geologist having to do it.
      My company is pretty great. We have an admin task team where we share ideas and help each other. Not everyone has that.

  2. Admins are so under appreciated! and knowing the job you do and how hard you work it is no wonder your team was (and probably still is) one of the happiest in the building.

  3. Admin save my butt an embarrassing number of times. I have a LOT of appreciation for anyone who does that work, particularly when they screen calls coming in!
    That’s an insane (but fun) sounding week!

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