Finished: Elastic-waist Skirt

Brown and green shiny skirt

One of the most satisfying projects has been the elastic-waist skirt. I found instructions on-line on various sewing blogs. My favourite was Freshly Picked’s. It is nice to finish a project in one sitting.

Brown and green shiny fabric

This is the brown and green shiny that I picked up from the remnant bin. The only elastic I could find was white or black so I bought the black but decided to encase the elastic so it would look more polished. Last time I sewed a similar skirt I sewed the fabric right to the elastic because it went so well together.

Pocket pattern piece

I cut out rectangles of fabric that were 29 inches by 27 inches. Then I “borrowed” a pattern piece from a dress and cut out pockets from some cotton voile remnant from my rust floral dress. After sewing on the pockets with right sides together on all 4 edges I stitched up one side and around the pocket. I sewed the elastic casing on the waistband, then folded it and stitched it making a narrow tube for the elastic. I fed the elastic through and then stitched the remaining side up and around the pocket. At the top I sewed the elastic ends together encasing in the waistband. I turned the hem up twice making a narrow hem and stitched it. That completed the skirt!

Side seam with pocket

Waist elastic casing

When I made a similar skirt earlier I called it my $4 skirt since the fabric cost $2 and the elastic another $2. I bought the fabric in Fabricland in Sudbury, Ontario. It is obviously a polyester but I liked the flow and the red, grey, black and white print.

Red floral skirt

 This skirt has a much wider fabric. My waist measurement times 2. For the waistband I cut the elastic my waist measurement minus 2 inches. I pinned the fabric to the elastic as evenly as possible. As I sewed a zigzag stitch I stretched the elastic from front and back so the fabric lay flat. That way when I relaxed the elastic the fabric gathered evenly. I am glad that I did a lot of pinning before stitching because just stretching the elastic while sewing would not have made the gathers even. The hem is just folded over twice and pressed, then stitched with a straight stitch.

On this long weekend I got quite a bit accomplished sewing-wise. I cut out all the pattern and fabric pieces for my wrap-around cotton dress. There were 10 pattern pieces since there are sleeves and cuffs and a sash. The great thing about this fabric is that I get the look of stripes without having to match stripes meticulously.

Navy and white skirt pieces

I am excited to start stitching this up!

I love that I saved money on my current fabrics. Do you only buy things on sale? Are there certain things you will splurge on? Do you brag (like me) when you save on an item?

What I’m listening to: Take Me To The Riot by Stars


6 thoughts on “Finished: Elastic-waist Skirt

  1. Gotta love a quick and easy project!
    Your question on fabric buying – I do both! I’m a thrifty person, so I love a good deal… but I also appreciate beautiful fabrics and buying good quality. If I have a specific project in mind, then I’ll fork out good money to get the perfect fabric. But when I’m just collecting, then I’d prefer to get a deal!

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