Finished: Poodle Peplum Pendrell


Before you say it’s very costumey, let me say, it’s basically a costume. My friend, JWab, recently moved and threw a housewarming party. Her theme was Paris.  She even set up a photo area with props and a fitting backdrop.  Well I’ve had this poodle fabric kicking around for quite a while. The black peplum and ruffles are remnants from my Boring Black Skirt.

I followed the directions loosely from here to draft my peplum. Instead of drafting it on paper I chalked it out right on the fabric. There is some math involved. Stay in school, kids!


I didn’t have enough fabric to make the neck and arm hole binding so I used bias tape. I also didn’t have enough fabric for the sleeves that usually go with this Pendrell version. I think the sleeveless with the ruffles is pretty cute for this purpose.


The hair suits the look, non? Une petite Amalie? Coco?  Yes, that’s a poodle on my cupcake to match the poodle on my blouse!

At this house party I met a couple who I knew from my home town in Northern Ontario. (4 hours north of Toronto.). Hubby and I actually went to high school with the guy. Anyway, his wife sewed my one and only Maid of Honour dress that I wore in 1994.


That’s skinny me in the back on the left. That’s Stein before he was my hub in front of me. The seamstress also sewed my friends wedding dress.


This is her granddaughter (cropped her beautiful face out for privacy, but trust me, it’s beautiful). This dress was ALSO sewn by her for the Paris housewarming party. Such a small world! And what an amazing seamstress…like the real kind who gets paid for it and everything.

What have you been up to this weekend?  Any special sewing plans?  I have to switch my thoughts from Paris to London…

What I’m listening to: Nitty Gritty by Jocelyne


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