Finished: McCall’s 6554 (The Steinaway Dress)


I call this the Steinaway dress because I made it while husband, Stein, was away. I know, Steinway is a piano and this pattern hit all the right notes. *rim shot*


This is my first Fashion Star pattern. What a terrible show that was. The pattern was great though. I don’t remember any previous pattern instructions having me insert the zipper first before attaching the lining or stitching up the back below the zipper. This method worked so well since once the zipper was inserted correctly, the rest just went right into place. Always easier to line up your back seam and keep your lining free when your zipper is all done first. It asked for an invisible zipper but I put in a standard because that’s what I had.


I took extra care to print match while cutting out the fabric pieces. I’m super pleased with the result. The only place I couldn’t match was the lower bodice since the front had darts that the back didn’t. Because of the bust, ya know? So I matched the upper bodice print as best I could. I recut the bodice back and skirt front just to get the pattern properly matched. I think it made a big difference. If it was off it would have bugged me forever.

I love this fabric. I serged all the seams that I could. Looking for longevity here because I can already feel like I’ll be wearing this a lot. Such a great work dress. And brunch dress. And even dancing dress. I skipped the belt. I may stitch it up later. We’ll see. I also eliminated the pockets. Another reviewer of this pattern did the same. I knew this fabric would show every lump and bump and I wanted a nice smooth line.

Don’t you love the inlay in the front pleat? See how I cut the fabric on the cross grain? Looks okay but I basically had to do this since I ran out of fabric after all the print matching.

I only lined the bodice as the pattern called for. I could have lined the whole dress but that would have meant going to the fabric store for lining and I just wanted to get it done.

I will consider purchasing more Fashion Star patterns and I would make this dress again. Though I would remember to add my customary length to the bottom. Could have used a more generous hem.

The photos are from my balcony/patio. The sun washes out the rich colours in the dress in the standing shots. You can see the colour a little better in the shots that are shaded. (It’s wrinkled because I just sat in it for 3 hours. Oops.)

Have you stitched up a Fashion Star pattern? Do you think I’m a Fashion Star? ๐Ÿ™‚

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What I’m listening to: Marple on Netflix (I love Agatha Christie and this show is great!)


27 thoughts on “Finished: McCall’s 6554 (The Steinaway Dress)

  1. It is a really pretty dress ! Both the colors and the style looks great on you. i chuckled at the name you gave it. No I haven’t made any fashion star patterns….yet.

  2. Marple? I too, am an Agatha Christie fan. I read nearly all of her books in highschool.

    Love the dress, it’s really pretty. I have a hard time envisioning busy prints sometimes, your imagination is better than mine because that’s adorable. I like how you’ve played with the stripes at the front.

    • Thank you! My mom said I never make anything solid-coloured. This is true. My eye is drawn to prints and bright colours.
      And I’m tall and sturdy so no chance of a print “over-powering” me!

  3. Fashion Star was my guilty pleasure! I liked the clothes (sometimes), but I wanted to see more of the sewing! And what was up with those runway shows?!?!

    I love your dress, though! I think that the color looks really great on you!

    • I watched the show too…every episode. I would have loved to see more of the creative process and less of the judging.
      The runway shows were so cheesy.
      I complain about the show but would watch season 2 if it came back!

    • I watched the entire season but missed out on seeing the sewing/creating. It was a lot of judging. If you know what I mean.
      I’d watch it again too and judge myself the whole time!

    • Thanks for commenting!
      I’m wearing the dress at work today and I love how easy it is to wear. No tucking, pulling or yanking.
      Give it a whirl! I’d love to see the results!

  4. Fabulous job and matching up the fabric. It looks great. The dress fits you so well. And the fabric placement of the pleat inlay adds a wonderful detail. Running out of fabric worked out well for you in the end!

  5. Yes! Of course I think you are a Fashion Star…:D
    I love the fabric, and the dress! Super cute!!! Also really loving your patio cushions!!! & I can’t wait for my invite to come and drink coffee on it with you…;)~

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