Finished: Citrus Apron! For the Apronalong


It’s so great that I have an apron since I’m ALWAYS in the kitchen. No one has to look for me at home, I’m usually peeling carrots or basting a chicken in the kitchen. (My friends and family are chuckling right now. I cook as little as possible. Hubby is Italian-I think it’s his birthright to cook.)


In all seriousness, I spent part of the weekend baking pies with my friend. I come from a long line of great pie pastry makers and Magnolia* wanted some pointers. We made 1 apple pie each and a dozen butter tarts. Only one emergency call to my mom, the greatest pie baker ever!


It is Butterick 5579. I loved the main photo with the retro dress. But I made Version A. I wore my Steinaway Dress to channel the pattern photo. Thank you to Karen for the Apronalong! Check out her blog for all her tips, tricks and other apronalonger’s links.


The pocket is perfect to hold my take-away menus!

*Not her real name but she watched Steel Magnolias for the first time just last year with me! Just found out that she has never seen Austin Powers!?

What I’m listening to: Rock This Town by Stray Cats


17 thoughts on “Finished: Citrus Apron! For the Apronalong

  1. Wow! That’s such a stylish shape for an apron. I really love it. Pocket for your cookbook, too! And that pie… I can tell I’m going to spend all day feeling hungry. Thank you SO much for taking part.

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