Toronto Sewing Meet-up – Summer 2013


Hi all!  Are you coming to the Toronto Sewing Meet-up on Saturday, August 10th?!  Well if you are, here is my tentative map and plan for the morning.  (Please remember that I am an administrator by day.)

We will meet at King Textiles at 10am sharp!  I heard that the store is huge but we will devote about a half hour to it.  Then we will head down Queen Street.  I highlighted a number of stores that I have heard good things about (Downtown Fabrics) or that have offered us discounts (Leo’s and Trendy!).  We can certainly pop into other stores as we pass by.  Especially for notions as I haven’t done any research on notion shopping.  And we can duck out early if we aren’t impressed…

My smart plan (if I may say) is that we backtrack along the same route.  So if you didn’t by that sequin lace and you are kicking yourself, we’ll pass the store again.  Also a good way to be sure that you spend your entire budget.  🙂

It is about a 10 minute walk to Le Neuf where we will have a little lunch and do a swap.  Please bring fabric, notions, patterns, whatever you think your fellow sewists would enjoy.

I have to pop out by 1:15pm at the latest since I am attending a Blue Jays game.  It looks like it is only a 10 minute walk from Le Neuf.  I thought Toronto was supposed to be big?!  How is everything only a 10 minute walk away?  😉

I’m really looking forward to seeing you all.  I will likely be wearing my Steinaway Dress since I wore it the other day and received a ton of compliments.  That is how you can recognize me.  See you all next week!


What I’m listening to: Troublemaker by Camera Obscura

21 thoughts on “Toronto Sewing Meet-up – Summer 2013

  1. I know for a fact that I will be late (I’ll be at a meeting till 11AM), so don’t wait for me at King’s. I will know where to find you, thanks for this awesome itinerary! Yay!

  2. Arghhhh! I am so SAD! I had made all the plans to be there and meet you all and have a great time meeting you and shopping and talking and swapping but I can’t! I have to drive to Muskoka to pick up DD2 from camp that morning. At 10:00! Waaaaah!

  3. Oh no, I just found out that I might also be late, so please don’t wait for me at King Textiles. I should hopefully get there around 11, though.

  4. Hi There, I just wanted to keep you updated about information I have of who is coming. From the folks I emailed, (many of them are the same people that have commented on your site already), three people got back to me and said that they wouldn’t be able to make it at all. And, both Jagoda and Debbie have said they will be late and only meet up for lunch. So, I’m not sure how many people have seen your blog-post and just not commented and/or emailed you personally, but as far as the people I know, it should not require any more numbers for the lunch reservation. I guess we’ll know more tomorrow! I look forward to seeing you then. 🙂

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