Favourites Week: Day 4 – Fabrics

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Fabric.  I may have started sewing because of my love for fabric.  I had a friend that worked at a fabric store when I was a teen.  He (yes, he was a he) was a good excuse to go in and feel the satins and velvets and dream of unique garments.  The thing was, I didn’t sew.  However, when I got engaged I decided to get a dress made so I could chose the fabrics.  (Non-floral brocade with chiffon sleeves overdress with satin-backed crepe underdress.)


It was 1995. I was looking for drama.

These are a few of my favourite fabrics to sew with.

1) Cotton (have a slice of pie and read on!)


My Steinaway dress in a soft cotton and apron in cotton/poly blend.  See the apron I made for hubs here.


The ultimate cotton, Liberty cotton.  *sigh*  This was lovely to sew with but such a splurge.  I felt much more comfortable sewing with this broadcloth

2) Chiffon (still love sheer as much as I did on my wedding dress)


This is my Indio dress, a weekly go-to in summer.  I love chiffons.  The way they move in the breeze,


Silk chiffon. Dreamy.

the colourful prints, the light weight looks so good with heavy denim.  I have 2 lengths of chiffon waiting in my stash.

3) Shiny poly.  What is the correct name for this shiny fabric?  I have used it more than any other type I’m sure.  It frays horribly but I keep going back.  I’m like a raven, attracted by shiny objects.


It barely needs pressing and makes a basic garment look fancy.  See my elastic waist skirts here and here.

These are my favourites though I am leaving out eyelet lace which I have sewn with twice and LOVE it.  I also have not sewn with many silks or wools  (though my fave staple item is a wool/silk blend).  I am sure these will change as I sew more and feel more confident sewing with good quality fabrics.

What do you like to sew with?  Do you chose patterns by fave fabric types?  Do you have a dream fabric type that you haven’t sewn with yet?


6 thoughts on “Favourites Week: Day 4 – Fabrics

    • I like knits. Funny how my faves are woven. I did just finish 2 knit items to be revealed soon. It was tricky but fitting was not an issue, just working with stretchy fabric.

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