Finished: Lady Grey Coat

Lady Grey Coat

Well, it is finished!  After agonizing over how large to make it (I want to wear sweaters under it but don’t want it to look massive), how to get the topstitching to work on the collar (thank you, Tasia of!) and trying to keep 10 pattern pieces from getting mixed up (writing pattern code in chalk on fabric pieces), I have finished the Lady Grey.

Wow! My legs look long...

Notice hubby’s shadow taking the photo.

Beautiful fall day. Perfect for my new Lady Grey.

Extra swing in my hips!

Notice the bracelet-length sleeves.  Perfect for showing off bangles and watches.  I love the large lapels and collar.  And the full bottom (for a full bottom-hee hee).  And after tugging and pulling and ripping stitches out for weeks, I still love the fabric.

Lady Grey and a city view

I’m looking for long, mustard-coloured gloves.  I saw short gloves in that colour and the dark yellow looking great with the blue.  I do need the longer length, though, for this style of coat.

Here are some shots taken earlier with a more dressy look.

How cute is it with my Chinese Lantern tote bag?

Princess seams and ease-stitch sleeve caps

What did I learn this time around?  A lot.  I loved learning that a pattern that looked like it would only fit an hour-glass shape actually looks great on my pear-shaped bod. I learned the limits of twin needle topstitching.  I couldn’t complete twin needle topstitching where the underside would show.  For example, on the front edges and lapels I just did a single row of topstitching.  It doesn’t match the double row of topstitching on the collar and other seams but I decided that I wouldn’t sweat it.  I also learned that with patience and help from the sewing community, I really can complete almost anything, even as a beginner.

Do you think I can call myself an Intermediate Beginner now?!

What I’m listening to:  The Greatest by Cat Power


7 thoughts on “Finished: Lady Grey Coat

  1. Oh it’s lovely! What a gorgeous colour on you. Congrats on finishing a BIG project – and just in time for Fall!
    Glad I could help, I bet you can call yourself an Intermediate Beginner now that you’ve tackled a coat project!

    • Woo hoo! I’m an Intermediate Beginner!
      I loved this project despite the issues. I would make it a little longer next time. And I’d like to try narrowing and lengthening the sleeves. Maybe make it out of a laminated cotton for spring. As long as I don’t look like an outdoor tablecloth!

  2. Ooh I think a laminated cotton would be nice! I have a piece in my stash and hope it will look cool and trenchcoat-y not like a tablecloth.. Solid colours only, no ginghams or fruit-prints 🙂
    I agree on the sleeves – love the dramatic effect but would slim them down if I were to make it again.

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