Favourites Week – Day 2: Sewn Garments

Day 1: Colours can be found here.

This was a tricky post. I have a real fondness for my sewn items, even the ones that haven’t turned out that well. I decided to break it into categories. (You also get to see my various hair styles over the last 4 years.)

Fave staples: These are true wardrobe building blocks. Both are new makes.

The Stephanie Skirt. A pencil skirt with a special surprise. I have worn this multiple times and it is only a few weeks old. The blue wool/silk blend is a dream to work with and can be worn like a neutral. (Think blue jeans.) I love this skirt.

The Belcarra Blouse in off-white broadcloth with lace sleeves.  I posted here.  How did I survive without this top so long?! Not one that gets a lot of attention but I reach for it constantly. I was a pattern tester for this blouse. I suggest a nice crisp fabric. I will have to stitch up more of these.

Fave dresses: Dresses are my favourite thing to sew. You end up with a complete outfit.

The ScarJo dress. (I guess Scarlett Johansson hates this nickname but I already named my dress.) I made this for my older brother’s wedding. Only time I have used horsehair braid for a hem. Nice and swingy. You can’t tell but this cotton has such a nice soft feel. I haven’t sewn with anything like it since.

The Ashley and Retro Glam dresses. I have never sewn the same pattern back-to-back but I did for this. One, because I loved the dress, totally my style. Two, I adored my second fabric and couldn’t wait to wear it. I might even make another.

Fave item: This is the item I am most proud of. I still can’t believe I made it after sewing only a few months.

The Lady Grey Coat. I was thrilled to follow the sew-along. I did not do the advanced tailoring, hair canvas, etc. but I love this coat. There are things I would do differently but I love that I was naive enough to try this pattern so early in my sewing.

What are your fave makes? Are they dressy items or everyday wears? Do others reactions affect how you view them?

3 thoughts on “Favourites Week – Day 2: Sewn Garments

  1. I love all three of your dresses–the combinations of fabric and pattern look perfect together and great on you. My favorite make isn’t sewn (I don’t have much in that category yet, sadly) but knitted: it’s a triangle scarf with a broadly scalloped edging done in a dark green tonal yarn. It’s an everyday item, and it’s my favorite because it was my first really successful knitting project, I love the color, and I love how easy it is to wear (bandana-style). It never fails to get compliments, but I think I’d love it even if no one noticed it, because it’s still the perfect cool-weather accessory.

    • I tried knitting but it’s so much slower than sewing. I am all about immediate satisfaction! I’m envious though.
      It’s nice when compliments confirm our choices, isn’t it?
      Thanks for commenting!

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