Coming Attractions

I visited Fabricland on Friday. I was thrilled to see that the clearance section was an additional 50% off. The patterns I have waiting include an asymmetrical top that calls for a moderate stretch knit fabric. I planned to make it out of a print and a solid.

Butterick 5283 and swirly fabric

I love that the fabric has black, white, beige and grey in it.  I will be able to wear this with a lot that I have in my closet. I plan to make View D which has the asymmetrical top.

Butterick 5283 and teal interlock

The colour is much brighter.  A beautiful teal. I will probably make View B but with 3/4 length sleeves.  This fabric was called interlock.  I know the best way to sew this type of fabric is with a serger but I don’t have one yet.  I am going to attempt it on my sewing machine using a stretch stitch and zigzag in the seam allowance.  This fabric was $6 per metre and 50% off.  Also there were some small slashes in the fabric so she gave me to remainder on the bolt, about 3 metres for the price of 1 1/2 metres.  Incredible.

McCalls 6074 and brown paisley jersey

This photo is really dark, I apologize but I don’t really LOVE the print anyway.  I just wanted another cotton jersey maxi dress for wearing around the house.  I made the floral maxi dress before summer and it is so comfortable that I find myself putting it on when I get home from work.  I wanted another one to use as a house dress.  I will call it the Mrs. Roper.

Mrs. Roper and her muumuu

The last, but not least, of my projects is to make some pajama pants for my husband, Stein.  He has been super supportive of my sewing.  Remember he did the research for my sewing machine and surprised me with my Black and Decker iron.  He also puts up with fabric and pattern pieces lying everywhere and the occasional stray pin in the carpet.  I am going to attempt pajama pants using a well-fitted pair that he has now.  They are just a little worn and could use replacing.  Plus we found the perfect flannelette fabric.

Spiderman flannelette

Spiderman is his favourite superhero which lead to an indepth discussion of Marvel vs DC Comics.  Feel free to express your own opinion in the comments if you aren’t afraid of showing your nerd!

I have other patterns waiting but one is a coat dress and I just can’t see it in anything but a linen so I’m going to wait.  I like to sew for the current season so if I can’t wear it for 6 months I won’t be happy.  I also have a gorgeous blouse with pintucks to make but I’m going to invest in a pintuck foot for my sewing machine so I have to hold off on that also.  I found a great source on ebay for feet for my machine.  Hoping to order at least 3 to make the shipping worthwhile.

Do you have many projects planned ahead?  Or do you focus on one thing and only move on when it is complete?  And the serious question, Marvel or DC Comics?

What I’m listening to: Against All Odds by Postal Service


One thought on “Coming Attractions

  1. I work on about 3 or 4 projects at once. I can’t help myself! It would be no fun to force myself to work any other way, that’s how I seem to work best!
    Plus, I usually have the computer on too, just in case I have an idea for a post! I’m a bit scattered but it all gets done, eventually 🙂

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