I Like This Stuff – 4th Edition

Some things I like this week:

The first song I heard from Regina Spektor.  She’s now one of my faves!  Enjoy.

What did our Grandmothers do when they needed help with knitting?  Knitting and Crocheting Community – Ravelry


I might take up hiking!

I love Amy’s review of All You Need To Be Impossibly French.  I’ve been reading books on personal style.  Looks like another one to add to my list.  (I also started a book club…but more on that another time.)

What I’m listening to: Yr Mangled Heart by The Gossip


3 thoughts on “I Like This Stuff – 4th Edition

  1. I started doing the exercise routine from the French book…although I do mine in the evening instead of the morning. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

    – walking 30 minutes/day
    – 50 sit ups
    – 50 push ups
    – 50 butt crunches

    I’ve only been at it for two days and I’m already sore.

    Have you ever read Style on a Shoestring? It has some great tips. I’ve read it a couple of times, especially the section about incorporating color into your wardrobe.

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