Feast Your Eyes – Marion Cotillard

I love Marion Cotillard. I want to BE Marion Cotillard. The images are from her cover feature in Vogue August 2012.


She was the best thing about Nine. The musical with Daniel Day Lewis.


In the Vogue feature she wore a blue quilted velvet coat. I thought it could be made using Colette’s Lady Grey pattern but once I saw Gertie’s coat pattern with Butterick I knew I found the one. Now to find a blue velvet, likely not quilted, for this project.


(Sorry for the poor quality of this photo.) Marion also wore a velvet 3 piece suit in the spread. I decided that I needed a red velvet jacket…and possibly waistcoat, too. I won’t make the trousers as I don’t want to look too much like Prince.

Do you love MC? What do you think of a velvet mini-wardrobe?

What I’m listening to: U Got the Look by Prince

6 thoughts on “Feast Your Eyes – Marion Cotillard

  1. I never imagined Gerite’s coat in velvet but now that you brought it up – it sounds wonderful. I think a deep blue or green velvet would be great. You would have to be sure you are not around pets though, could you imagine the hair?

  2. oooh how luxurious! Gertie’s coat is beautiful but it’s a fabric hog, as she so succinctly puts it LOL – I want to make it but I’m gonna have to wait for more financially gravy days ^_^ Velvet does sound lovely, but my wallet is shaking with fear at the thoughts of it LOL.

  3. NIce photo spread! She is so beautiful. I loved her wardrobe in Public Enemies.(?)-The Johnny Depp movie about John Dillinger. Don’t remember if that’s the right title. That coat is gorgeous. Good luck with this project. I’ll be anxious to see the results.

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