Finished: Vogue 8875 (Retro Glam Dress)


The Husband and I do a photo shoot every few years. The last one was probably 5 years ago, at least. This time I wanted to capture old Hollywood in Palm Springs. Most of these are from the clubhouse area where we were staying.


Now on to the dress. I did a FWA (Full Waist Adjustment) by going up a size at the waist and back down at the hip. The biggest thing is to remember to do this on your skirt pieces and your bodice. Otherwise they won’t line up. (From early experience.). I also added an inch at centre front. My wearable muslin, the Ashley dress, was originally far too small so I had to let out the side seams. Vintage patterns aren’t kidding around with hourglass shapes. I’m basically shaped like a paper towel roll. Not complaining! Just saying!

I also added an inch to the bodice length as I did with my Ashley dress. No other changes from my muslin. I loved the length so left it the same. The fabric is from the sewing meet-up in Toronto last August. I fell in love with this feather digital print.

Okay, enough talking. Here are some more shots.



I put Ashley back on too.




And my fave shot from the whole set. Stein with the camera remote.


20140528-085552-32152693 2


15 thoughts on “Finished: Vogue 8875 (Retro Glam Dress)

  1. You look gorgeous! Fabric is stunning, beautifully styled. I was there when you bought it! I have the dress pattern too, so I was rooting for you to finish. Congratulations! Adorable couple too.

  2. Wow, never would have guessed you took these with a remote! Your dress is gorgeous! The fabric is beautiful and the shoes are perfect!

  3. Those are some really cool photos – you guys both look smashing and I bet you had a really good time (were there fancy Palm Springs cocktails in there? ;))

  4. Just wanted to say hello and hope you’re doing well! Also can I just say you look absolutely beautiful in these pictures?? Love that new dress!!

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