Toronto Fabric Purchases and Swap Items

First up…this fabric I bought on my last day in Toronto just a couple of hours before I flew out of town. I spent one night in downtown TO alone to hit some fabric stores again (after the great sewing meet-up) and look in bookstores and record stores.


It’s a linen that is predominantly green. I had this pattern in mind.

Next up…the patterns and fabric that I scored at the sewing meet-up swap.


A pattern for a tie! What?! I also got a couple of dresses and a 70’s leisure suit. At least that’s what it looks like to me. I got a length of sheer fabric from Seraphinalina and a yellow knit from jagodas.

And now my little splurge…a digital print from Downtown Fabrics.


It’s so glorious! I can’t decide what to make with it. None of the patterns I have seem right. It needs a special pattern.  I’m looking for a dress with an unfitted bodice.  Maybe with sleeves attached so it’s really drapey.  And not a fitted skirt but more of a A-line.  Let me know if you can think of anything like this.

What do you think? Not a bad haul.

What I’m listening to: I Missed Your Party by Camera Obscura


4 thoughts on “Toronto Fabric Purchases and Swap Items

  1. That digital print is divine! I can’t think of anything that you describe pattern wise, but my knowledge is far from encyclopaedic! The Washi dress would display the print beautifully but is sleeveless, that’s the only suggestion I can come up with at the moment!

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