Another sewist in the house?

Hubby is a fan of selvedge denim jeans and is looking for a trucker jacket. It is a jean jacket made with oilcloth, waxed denim, or duck cloth. From my limited understanding. We saw a couple but the fabric wasn’t right and the construction wasn’t outstanding. (I’m looking at you, Levi’s.)

I suggested that he make his own. I found this pattern on Etsy and bought it for him. It is the same pattern Peter at Male Pattern Boldness has made so there is plenty of online help.


I believe we will be narrowing that collar a tad… While we are in Los Angeles we are going to try to find some suitable fabric and get him started when we get home.

Pretty big project for a first-timer but I can help him and it should be pretty satisfying.

Any suggestions for men’s sewing? Or sewing with men?

4 thoughts on “Another sewist in the house?

  1. I don’t see my husband ever wanting to sew. He’s got enough hobbies going on as it is. Although if he did I bet we’d have 3 new machines in about 6 months if it’s anything like his interest in photography…

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