Finished: Vogue 8875 (The Ashley Dress)


I wore this to a wedding but didn’t get any photos from the event! This is in front of my fireplace, recently re-tiled by hubby. Though not grouted yet.

This is my wearable muslin. I had every intention of stitching this up again in my feather digital print but simply ran out of time. The fireplace was supposed to be The Husband’s job but I ended up enlisting since he needed help.  Then we had some last minute company over the break so had to put it aside for the time being. 

photo 1 photo 2

I managed to stitch up a hostess gift of cloth napkins for a friend.  I used a Paris map fabric that I thought was fun and fancy.  I used my serger rolled hem and wooly nylon in the upper looper.  Then I sewed an apron for the bride as part of our wedding gift. No photos of the apron. It was the same pattern as my retro apron.

I haven’t written a 2014 post with my plans for the year because things just haven’t slowed down. My plans at this time are to get to work on time and sleep 8 hours a night. I’m not looking much past that.

But I will! And I’ll write about it!

Do you make wearable test garments? Or actuals muslins that you don’t wear? I just don’t have enough sewing time to make test garments that will never be worn. Should I reconsider?

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21 thoughts on “Finished: Vogue 8875 (The Ashley Dress)

  1. That is one amazing wearable muslin!
    I vere between wearable 95%+ certain that the pattern and alterations will be OK and non wearable where I’m not sure or its an investment project!

    • Thanks! I wish I could spend more time sewing but it’s all about balance, I guess.
      Now I just have to finish the actual dress that I intended. It will be more drapey and fluid. Looking forward to it now that I know what changes I need.

  2. Wearable muslins all the way! Except, I am making a coat muslin for a sewing class. Thanks for sharing the napkin idea. I think sleeping 8 hours a night is a great plan that I a would like to see happen too. Happy New Year and all the best!

  3. Great dress… and its a muslin! Wow… I love navy blue and white polka dots. They look so sharp! Looking forward to reading your 2014 plans! Happy New Year!~

  4. Oh yes! That looks amazing! I totally make wearable muslins all the time. Mostly because I had so much cheapo fabric to work with. Since the stash is dwindling I might actually start using proper muslin. But then again, there’s no time to make a finished garment, let alone a muslin. Who am I kidding 🙂

    Can’t wait to see the final version!

    • I also have cheap fabric. I can’t resist but it doesn’t make for the best garments. Even with proper seam finishes.
      I work better with a timeline so I’m going to try to have my feather print dress completed for Feb 8. We’ll see!

  5. Lovely dress – and beautifully fitted! Oh, and the napkins look lovely!

    I do a lot of paper fitting, but as I am getting more selective with my fabrics, I now have a semi-stash of ‘fabric I thought that I would use for a garments but now I will use for muslins’!!!

    • Thanks!
      Tissue fitting is a great idea. What do you do if you have one back piece? Do you trace an additional piece? Bodice fitting is always the tricky part for me.
      I am also going to try to buy better fabrics. I think I will love my finished items even more.

  6. Your muslin looks great! I too tend to make my muslins out of fashion fabrics and if they turn out then it’s a bonus and if not well nothing really lost except a few hours. Seems such a waist to make up a muslin out of muslin fabric. The only time I do or would is if it’s to play with a pattern idea or an experiment for a block pattern.

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