Finished: The Most Boring Skirt Ever

Haven’t seen too many solid coloured items from Funnygrrl, have you? Take a look at the finished items on the left. I love colour and print! I don’t own a solid black skirt. Seriously. Until now!


Paired with my Red Lace Pendrell

It’s the elastic-waist skirt that I have made numerous times. This time in a solid black. The fabric was a satin with shine but I used the dull side. I knew this would be my go-to for work and running errands. I didn’t need the shine. It’s hemmed with my favorite rolled hem, done on my serger.


“You are boring but I still like you.”

I know it isn’t very exciting but it is a basic that will be worn.  Now if I could just stitch up a pair of black trousers…

Do you sew the basics? Which do you get more satisfaction from?

What I’m listening to: Sleepless by The Decemberists


24 thoughts on “Finished: The Most Boring Skirt Ever

  1. I don’t know that I get more satisfaction from one more than the other. I suppose the benefit of basics like that is that they are easy to wear so I feel the benefit more frequently than a fancy dress I have worn a handful of times. I guess that’s where things like Renfrew meet in the middle, fun prints I wear all the time because they work with jeans and dress pants. You’ll get a lot of wear out of that skirt and feel pleased with all the colourful blouses you can wear with it.

  2. It’s a go to! You’ll wear it a ton. I start off with the idea of sewing a basic and then end up with something a little less so; either through fabric or going OCD on the construction! I love this on you though, it really makes your red Pendrell sing!

  3. Nice skirt! I haven’t sewn many black basics yet, but I wear them all the time. So I know if I’d just find some nice black fabric, I could make some things I’d probably wear a lot.

    • My eye goes straight to the colourful prints in the fabric store. I only saw the black because it was next to a red with cream polka dot print. Which I also bought.
      Thanks for commenting!

    • Tasia at Sewaholic calls it cake and frosting. I’ve sewn a lot of frosting. Going to work on some cake this year.
      I’ve always liked the corner piece with extra frosting.

    • Black basics do have to look intentional. Not just an afterthought like “Oh yeah, I need pants.” I hope the black belt and shoes help the styling.
      Thank you for your comment!

  4. I must be REALLY boring!! haha!! I almost always use solids, but then again most prints look weird on me ^_^ I do have plans for a couple this year though! ^_^

    So needless to say, I really like your black skirt – it makes the red Pendrell really shine & sparkle! ^_^

    • Everyone is different. I always have solids in my closet but most are bought. Also I prefer pinstripe trousers to just plain black.
      Anyway, find what works for you! I don’t think you are boring! Ha ha!

  5. Your hair looks so great!! Loving the bangs. Hope you and the hubby had a great holiday/new years, been thinking about all of you lots lately!!!

      • HAHA I’m hoping the latest find is made out of the good stuff – we will see! 😉 Just sent A. an update – would love to hear from you to! shoot me an email some time 🙂

  6. I think it’s great to sew some basics especially as you get a lot of wear out of them. By the way I LOVE those shoes and they go great with your skirt and really spice up you whole outfit… looks great!

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