Fabric Stash, I have to break up with you.


My Fabric Stash

Dear Fabric Stash,

Our relationship is a bit of a dichotomy.  If we were on Facebook our relationship would read “It’s complicated.”  You have brought me such joy in the past but now your presence makes me feel shame and disappointment.  Remember how our eyes met across the fabric store that first time?  You were curled seductively around that bolt with the florescent lighting bringing out your slight sheen or bold contrasting colours. I had to have you. 


Or you came to me from a well-meaning friend.  Oh, Fabric Stash, you were no Sloppy Seconds but a sign of trust from a friend.  I’d bring out your full potential and we would spend a lifetime together.


Our lifetime together isn’t starting yet.  I know that you see the gorgeous new cottons and poly-blends that come home with me, get stitched up immediately and end up hanging in the closet.  While you, my dear Fabric Stash, are relegated to lying on the shelf under pattern pieces and sewing books.  If only one of those patterns ended up being used for you so you could join the beloved in my closet.


While I say that we need to break up, I’m just not ready yet.  Why can’t I quit you?  Because you and I have so much potential.  We could be so good together.

20110424-103247[1]  Perhaps 2013 is our year!  Let’s stay friends.

With much love,


What I’m listening to: Someone Like You by Adele


11 thoughts on “Fabric Stash, I have to break up with you.

    • Usually I have a pattern before fabric. When I buy fabric first it definitely sits longer. For my plans this year I will ‘shop’ my stash first before the fabric store.
      But new fabric is so much more exciting…

  1. Oh, do you know how many times the blue eyelety business has been in my buggy- or it’s pink sister? I swear- it is born to be stashed! I am doing the Sewing Dares with Crafting a Rainbow hoping to use some of this closet insulation I HAD TO HAVE!!!

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