Geometric Print Skirt and Funnyhrrr

Did you notice the new Falling Through Your Clothes banner? Yes, Funnygrrl has gone back to blond. I was blond from birth and kept it that way as my natural color darkened.  Then about 2 years ago I went brunette and loved it. I never did change the hair color from blond on my driver’s licence since I always knew I would come back from the Dark Side.  Anyway, I’m excited to be back!


To build up my sewing confidence I decided to sew a quick elastic-waist skirt. I had some shiny brown and black remnant fabric that I bought for just this purpose. I had so much of it that I could cut the skirt on the bias. That means that instead of cutting parallel to the grain, I cut out on a 45 degree angle. This makes the skirt drape nicely and move freely.

Elastic-Waist Skirt and a view of downtown

I used the same method that I used for my red, black and grey print elastic-waist skirt that follows Freshly Picked’s tutorial. Pinning and stretching while stitching. I also added soft and silky pockets in green to add a little flair. I finished the hem with a narrow hem. Folded, pressed and then tucking the raw edge into the fold, pressing again and stitching close to the upper fold.

Contrasting green pockets

I love the fullness of the skirt

I showed it to Stein and he said, “Don’t you have, like, 20 of those?”. “No”, I said, “I have 3 now.” I wear the other 2 almost every week. They are polished looking but comfortable. I just won’t sacrifice dressiness for comfort. Many are the opposite but I believe that putting in the effort to look pulled together, especially at work, makes you feel more confident and allows other people to see your abilities/skills without the distraction of hoodies and flip flops. I’m just sayin’.

My hair dresser, Mel, is fantastic. Love. Her.

World's Greatest Hairdresser

My mom just got used to my brunette hair.

Funnymom and me on a ferris wheel

What I’m listening to: Make You Fall In Love With Me by Brett Denner


9 thoughts on “Geometric Print Skirt and Funnyhrrr

  1. Wow! Were you ever a little blondey!!! Looks great Vanda, I love it. Love the skirt too…the pockets are definitely a nice touch. 😉

    • Thanks! In my kid picture don’t I look like a little Scandinavian?
      I’m wearing the skirt today and got compliments from people who don’t know I sew, so that’s good. I could make one of these every week!

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