Finished: Ballet Dress, or, All Dressed Up and Somewhere to Go!

I worked on the dress all weekend. Had a little trouble with the zipper, still not perfect, and I changed the steps around because I lined the whole dress and not just the bodice. Also had issues with the “nippley” darts. (Sorry for using the word nipple in my blog, Dad.) It had nothing to do with anatomy and only with the bubble created by the dart. Remembered Gertie’s dart problems and took her advice.

So, here it is!

Ballet Dress

And it’s plum, or, just purple. I used a satin-backed crepe. Yes, from the bridal department of the fabric store. I just pictured a shiny bodice with a matte skirt so I used the satin side for the bodice and flipped it over to the crepe side for the skirt.

Trying to look model-y

I love the seam of the bodice and the long line down to the hem. I kept wondering how I was going to do the slit/vent then realized that the pattern didn’t call for one. No worries here. I just have to walk lady-like as I can’t take long strides.

Shrugging on my shrug

For the ballet I paired the dress with a black shrug from Jacob. Black tights and some tall black boots. I also went with some statement earrings. As usual, I was overdressed. I was relieved when I saw a 6 (?) year old in a pink princess dress with pink ballet slippers. And she wasn’t in the show. My kinda girl! How often do you go to the ballet?!

Mountains are hidden by clouds

(Conversation at our dinner table moments later.  Me: Don’t I look like my mom in this picture?  Stein: You look like your dad.  I know, you don’t want to hear that.)

The performance of Wonderland was put on by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet in Banff, Alberta. Banff is a little over an hour from my front door so we drove out and back Sunday evening. The RWB is Canada’s finest ballet company, I think. The work these “kids” put in is astounding. I think they should make more money than hockey players. There I said it! Hockey players are overpaid!

That’s enough to get me whacked in the Great White North.

What I’m listening to: Kingdom Come by Hidden Cameras


9 thoughts on “Finished: Ballet Dress, or, All Dressed Up and Somewhere to Go!

  1. Oh it looks lovely! I like the shiny bodice, too. I’m disappointed you felt overdressed, though… What’s the world coming to these days if you can’t dress up for the BALLET? 😉

    In other news, I can’t believe it’s snowing again! Well, I can, but I don’t have to like it. : P

    • Thanks! I read the dress code and it said some will be dressed up but others dressed more casually. So they don’t want to put people off by forcing a dress code. I just think it shows respect to make a little effort AND with it being an artsy event it’s not like it’s business wear. Good excuse for fun colours and fabric.

    • Aww, thanks! I actually don’t ever feel overdressed. I love to step it up when I go out. I know it’s not for everyone but I think clothes are fun.
      Jeans have their place…but it’s not at the ballet or weddings!

  2. Beautiful dress, beautiful lady and perfect for the ballet. Can’t believe more people weren’t dressed up, the ballet deserves a little effort!

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