I Planned To Write About Darts

I planned to write a post about darts on my New Look 6968 dress. When I took my photos you couldn’t even see them on the front of the bodice.

Bodice front with waist AND bust darts

Is that one sign of a good dart? Or is my fabric just really forgiving?

See the bust dart on the left?

I did write about dart problems here. And I linked to Gertie’s tragic dart story. I thought I may have something to add to the dart discussion since I recently watched my recorded episodes of It’s Sew Easy on PBS. They suggested changing your stitch length to a shorter setting as you got closer to the point of the dart. I did it here but I still don’t really know why. Do you know why a smaller stitch by the point makes a better dart?

Anyway, with my photos being nothing special I saw my post theme disappear. Instead I will just share my pointers about darts and hope I hit the mark.  (Groan, I know.)

1) Press carefully. We know how important pressing is in sewing. Pressing darts determines their success. In my opinion.

2) Mark your darts carefully on your pattern pieces and make sure they match. I try my best with markings but sometimes by the time I get everything cut and marked they aren’t EXACTLY matchy. It’s good to double check.

3) Stitch your darts (starting at the widest end of the dart) and run the stitch right off the fabric at the point of the dart. Leave some length of thread and tie knots in each thread. DON’T BACKSTITCH AT THE POINT! This creates lumpy, nipply darts. Yick!

My bodice front was lying on the back of the sofa and Stein went by and said, “I like that. I’d like a suit out of that fabric.” My inspiration for this dress was to make a very feminine dress with menswear fabric so I guess I am on the right track.

I’m making the version in the photo

What are your dart tips and tricks?  Do you have consistent success with darts?  Or is it an ongoing struggle?

What I’m listening to: Undiscovered First by Feist (I saw her in concert this week.  Amazing!  Don’t miss her if she comes to your town.)

7 thoughts on “I Planned To Write About Darts

  1. My dart process is pretty similar to yours (I must admit I’m pretty bad about double-checking evenness these days, though). My big hangup usually has to do with dart-length and how close the dart should come to the bust apex—maybe because I’m usually dealing with fairly small darts, the usual advice to have the dart end an inch or so from the apex often doesn’t seem to work. Haven’t quite figured that one out yet…

    • Bust apex. A very lady-like way to define that area. 🙂
      Once my bodice is sewn together I’ll have a better idea about dart length and success. Maybe I can make 2 posts on this subject.

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