Ballet Dress Muslin

The Ballet Dress is the dress that I plan to wear to the ballet next weekend.  I have been very slowly working on sewing the lining together and using it as a muslin.  A muslin is a test garment that is constructed to help with fit. Imagine cutting into a gorgeous silk fabric and discovering that you need an extra inch in the bodice or hips.  Creating a test garment lets you do all the testing on a cheaper fabric.

The one problem with my fabric is that it is lining fabric so it doesn’t hang the same as my fashion fabric will and I discovered it is VERY staticy.  So I have an idea of fit but not the true finished hang of the dress.

Without further ado…

Ballet Dress lining/muslin

Remember I am keeping the colour as a surprise so all pics will be in B&W.  The real surprise could be whether or not I get it done!  It’s very clingy but, again, that is the lining fabric.  Don’t be thinking Funnygrrl will be leaving the house in such clingy-ness.  My dress fabric is much heavier and will hang much better.

Now on to the good.  The seam under the bodice is perfectly placed.  I thought it may be a little too high but it is just right.  The V-neck and armholes will be neater once the dress is sewn to it.  I’m happy with the size and depth of the neckline and armholes and I’m confident that once sewn with the dress they will fit nicely.

Butterick 5459

Just a reminder of what the finished product will be.  I almost forgot I had to do a coat too…

What I’m listening to: Contrabanda by DeVotchKa

5 thoughts on “Ballet Dress Muslin

  1. It’s looking good! I’ve tried using the lining as muslin before but had some nasty surprises when I got to the fashion fabric… Good luck!

    And have loads of fun at the Ballet!

  2. Oooo, can’t wait to see it, very ambitious project. PS a friend was saying they sell two pieces of muslin sewn together, package them in fours, and sell them for $50 as baby blankets. Maybe a project with the leftover muslin?:)

    • Many make their test garments out of actual muslin fabric but I just decided to use the lining fabric and CALL it a muslin. I’ve never actually felt true muslin to be honest. Maybe I can pick some up cheap in the US.

  3. Can’t wait to see it! You’ll have so much fun, the ballet AND a new dress!
    The muslin I use (real muslin) I get for $2.99/m and it’s 60″ wide. A lot of people use old bedsheets, too, if you get a duvet cover you get lots and lots of fabric for cheap! 🙂

    • I’m heading to the US next month. I hope to get some fabric for muslin’s now that I see the advantage of making one. I think it really helped on this project.

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