What Is Coming Up for April

April is going to be a busy month for me.  Between a vacation in the US, a visit from the in-laws and a commitment I’ve made for some volunteer work, I will be a busy little bee.  And the month ends with a Royal Wedding and our wedding anniversary!  William and Kate picked a great date with April 29th!

This brings me to another exciting April event.  The Sewaholic Crescent Skirt Sew Along!  Tasia has released another pattern.  This time a skirt to go with your Sewaholic Pendrell Blouse.

I have pre-ordered my Crescent Skirt pattern.  I have also signed up to sew along.  April will be busy but Tasia’s schedule is nice and slow.  It should be easy to keep up.  Or just follow the posts later at your own speed.  Go and check it out on the Sewaholic blog!

In preparation for our vacation I am going to sew some wrap around pants.

Wrap Pants

I’m sewing them out of a cotton voile.  I love the fact that voile is light but takes a crease really well.  We are attending Coachella Music Festival on our vacation so these should be good for the heat in the desert.

I will note that Stein, my husband, hates this pattern.  He doesn’t like the look of the pants at all.  It isn’t that I don’t care, I just think my style is my own and he only gets a veto if what I wear will embarrass or humiliate him.  And, really, when am I going to do that?!

I am making more of the Lunchtime Cutlery Rolls for a friend also.  She wants some sewn up for her family.  I have the fabric purchased but have to cut it up and sew up the rolls.  I’m hoping they won’t take more than an afternoon.

That’s what I have going on.  What are you up to?  Do you sew or buy clothing that your guy doesn’t like?  Do you ever win him over?

What I’m listening to:  All the Best by R.E.M.

4 thoughts on “What Is Coming Up for April

  1. Wow, have fun on your trip! I was a little surprised at how much I was willing to modify my wardrobe for my man, back when we were first shacking up… Not that he was insistent, just because I like the little spontaneous compliments when I wear something he likes…

    That being said, his taste is a bit, ah, limited… So especially when it comes to my sewing, he can stuff it. 🙂

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