I Like This Stuff – 2nd Edition

Conor Oberst

I am a major musicphile. I was listening to Conor Oberst yesterday on the way to my hairdresser. In one of his songs he says: “I know victory is sweet, even deep in the cheap seats.” It made me think of how I am new to sewing, in the cheap seats, but I have been so inspired by everyone participating in the Self-Stitched September Challenge. In short, I am enjoying the victory of Self-Stitched September even though I am not able to participate…yet.

Here are some of the things I’ve enjoyed recently:

The Cupcake Goddess puts the icing on the cake with her creations. However, she seems so sweet I get a toothache just from reading her blog. 🙂

stitchywitch at Green Apples hit a homerun with what she calls her t-shirt dress. She also sewed up a version of Butterick 5490 which I called my Rust Floral dress.

What I love about The Slapdash Sewist is that she knows her shape and she makes great clothes for it. Check out the knit dresses with the “ridick”* pattern matching. Once you are there just look around because this girl knows her knits.

Elle from It’s A Sewing Life participated in the Frock by Friday with Grosgrain. I love her interpretation because it is “grown-up” and something you could wear to work appropriately. Looks like she is also participating the the Lady Grey Coat Sew Along. The difference is that she has actually started and I’ve been delayed by my wrap dress…

I recently discovered Adventures in Fashion blog. Here she makes her own bow headband. While I can’t copy Vickie’s looks (age may not allow), I am inspired by her fearlessness and enthusiasm. It is also good to find inspiration for sewing in other places, like runway fashion. We can’t just rely on the Big 4 pattern makers to feed us!

What I’m listening to: Cape Canaveral by Conor Oberst

*ridiculous-It’s a good thing!


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