All Classy and Stuff

Funnygrrl all gussied up for Art Night (skirt by me!)

This weekend we attended the 25th anniversary of our city’s centre for performing arts. The program had the philharmonic orchestra, an opera soprano singer and ballet dancers perform. And it was free! 

I was truly moved by the opera singer who seemed to be inflated by the music until it burst out of her in beautiful sounds. Also she was wearing a stunning one-shoulder ruffled gown in what I thought was plum but could have been navy under the lights. The ballet dancers did a portion from Sleeping Beauty. The strength in their pure stillness was clearly of greater difficulty than the spins and leaps. Truly inspiring. As always with orchestral music I try to pick out the cello as it is my favourite. So melancholy and beautiful.

What do we learn from the arts? One is that true dedication and commitment can lead to beautiful things. Of course this can be translated to sewing (which is an art without question). Our end result is only as good as what we put into it. Everyone sees a nice garment but only you, and others in the know, recognize what has gone into the production of the item. So the end result is for you but, others also can enjoy the uniqueness of your garment.

Do you find inspiration from seemingly unusual sources? Do you believe, as I do, that broadening our horizons in other areas can enhance our sewing, cooking, life in general?

Ladies in Red Shoes

What I’m listening to: Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) by Arcade Fire

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