The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I am still hard at work on the wrap dress. After feeling discouraged by fitting problems I pushed on and added the cuffs to the sleeves and set the sleeves in. I adjusted ease by machine basting two lines of stitches. Just a slight gather was needed to match the sleeve cap to the shoulder edge and I got them sewn in on the first try. Wow! And both sides match.

Sleeve cap and shoulder

Now that my confidence is up again I decided that an adjustment won’t be needed for the cross-over edges. It isn’t an effective wrap dress because I still need to wear a camisole underneath. It is not wrappy enough for full coverage. Which is okay since I have cami’s of every colour of the rainbow. It is a good way to tie in the red that I think will look nice with this dress.

My other dilemna is that the thing I love about the fabric-the contrast between navy and white-now might look too costumey. In short I feel like Two-Face.

Two Face could wear my wrap dress...

To get around this effect I may embroider something in white on the navy to break up the colour-block or fuse an applique of some kind. The other alternative is to dye the whole thing navy or take off the bodice and make it a skirt. Any suggestions are welcomed.

Front of wrap dress-high contrast

Back of wrap dress-I love this part!

Or I could just get a posse of henchmen and go up against Batman.

Suggestions please! Embroidery, applique, make it a skirt or it looks fine as is…

What I’m listening to: Shampoo by Elvis Perkins

2 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  1. If it were me.. I’d make it a skirt! Then you can mix it up with different tops, bright coloured blouses, or casual jackets. That’s also because I don’t know much about embroidery, and I’m not too into applique. And I like the fabric but perhaps the two-tone look is too distracting from the print. Good luck!

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