Starting Cotton Wrap Dress

B5030 But what's with the look, lady?

I have had Butterick 5030 for awhile. I originally planned to make it in a floral print but I thought with 3/4 sleeves I could wear it all winter if I made it in a darker colour.
Enter this lovely navy and white cotton that I found for 50% off!  Dark enough for winter but the white will brighten it up for year round.

B5030 - navy and white fabric

Also on this very productive trip for fabric I found some remnants. Buy 1 get 2 free. The cheetah print is for a cushion for my new sewing chair. The plum will probably be a top and the green and brown shiny will be a skirt if there is enough fabric. All for 5 bucks.

Remnant Fabric

I also bought fusible web and cord for my bag. Now I can start on that project.  So, bag first, then wrap dress, then Lady Grey coat with a couple other quick projects thrown in for fun.

It’s good to have goals!

What I’m listening to: The Weekenders by The Hold Steady


5 thoughts on “Starting Cotton Wrap Dress

  1. Love it! BTW where is this “Lady Grey coat” ?? When I click on it it brings me to the sheer top you made…

    What I’m listening to: I Think UR a Contray by Vampire Weekend

    • At the bottom of the sheer blouse post (Click on the post title to see the whole post!) are links and details of the Lady Grey Sew Along. I’m really excited! Rec’d my pattern in the mail yesterday.
      You can also click on the pic of the Lady Grey on the side of my home page.

    • I will probably cut it out dark. I don’t like white on my waist. Too widening, ya know. To be honest I will probably style it most often with a red belt.

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