Sheer Comfort

B5355 Sheer Blouse

Butterick 5355 is my next project. I found a gorgeous sheer on our last trip to the US. The teal and brown will go with everything in my wardrobe. Including my new high-waisted skirt. I plan to make View A with the v-neck. It has a bias tape finish to the neckline.

This project should be a quick one that I can fit in before I start a “Blog for Better Sewing Sew-a-long”. Gertie will be our fearless leader as we sew Colette’s Lady Grey coat together. I am very excited but quite nervous. I was especially nervous about spending a lot of money on coating fabric; however, I found a teal and light blue herringbone fabric in the discount section of Fabricland. It was $4 per metre and is just what I wanted. I wanted something different but not so different that I couldn’t wear it with lots in my closet. Now I am feeling more confident and ready to tackle the challenge.

Coating fabric

What I’m listening to: ┬áChange is Hard by She&Him


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