Silks and Tweeds

Sewing has not been happening in this place for awhile. Hubs and I tore out our bathroom floors and put in tiles. They are snap-together vinyl tiles so no adhesive and only grout around the perimeter. I’m in charge of grouting since I have a steady hand. I’d rather be sewing!

Anyway, time for some sewing plans.


This lime tweed is the one hubby spotted at Michael Levine’s Loft in LA. I ordered the pattern to go with the fabric. Great detail on the cuffs.


I received this pattern as a gift. Isn’t it great?! First planned on making the top using this gorgeous silk. But now I want silk trousers like on the cover. I also recently bought 2 pairs of ankle length trousers and I love them so I love the style.  Where does one wear silk trousers?


 I like the skirt with the flared box-pleated bottom. And the side panel version. Not 100% sure about this for the silk though.  Probably not enough body to make a nice box pleat. Can’t stop thinking about silk trousers…


Here are 2 more patterns I bought with the last big McCall’s sale. Planning to stitch up the relaxed shirt style dress in a chambray. The other dress is a dream dress. Have to wait for an event. 


 This silk from Vietnam! Another gift. I love all the kimono action on the interwebs but using this fabric might make the kimono too bathrobe-y. I would love one that I could wear with jeans.  The vintage blouse pattern pictured, that I bought off Etsy, will show the peacock in its full glory on the back. And could be a cute jacket over a cami with the 3/4 length sleeves.  I don’t think it will look like bath wear…

Well, those are my not-even-hatched plans.  I have a good reason to move on this since I am going to San Francisco in September and will only allow myself to fabric shop if I have gone through a bit of my stash.  Mom-in-law is coming next month and will be sleeping in the sewing room so I have some organizing to do.  This will help me figure out what I need more of…and what I need to sew up now!  Maybe I need to give some stuff away.

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